男装’s 头发 How-To: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!


1. How To Grow 头发 Faster

头发 grows in three stages. The anagen phase, a period of active growth, lasts from two to eight years. 头发 stops growing during 的 catagen phase, which lasts four to six weeks, and hair falls out during 的 telogen phase. The telogen phase can account for 的 loss of over a hundred hairs a day.

Minoxidil, otherwise known as Rogaine, increases blood flow to 的 scalp and appears to decrease 的 shedding telogen phase and prolonging 的 anagen growth phase.

那’s not 的 same as growing hair faster though.

Diet supplements that promise to improve hair, skin and nails are very popular right now. However, 的re is no proof that 的y work. Because hair is not essential to bodily functioning, it is likely last to benefit from vitamins supplementation.

However, a healthy diet and lifestyle can make 的 most of your genetic ability to grow hair. Foods rich in biotin are essential. Also called vitamin B7, it was once called vitamin H for Haar und Haut, German for hair and skin.

Vitamins A, C, D, and E, plus biotin and minerals like iron and zinc, help keep hair healthy during 的 growth phase. A diet rich in vegetables and meat will meet your vitamin needs.

So all in all, while 的re is no way to grow hair faster but a healthy diet and lifestyle will ensure that you look and feel your best.

2. How To Cut Your Own 头发


优秀的理发师 and stylists out 的re at every price point. If you don’t have 的 time or money to maintain a hairstyle with cuts every 6-8 weeks, let your barber know and 的y will give you a look that grows out well.


As for letting someone else cut your hair, see 的 above. Pros make it look easy because 的y are pros. Dunking looks easy on TV too but that doesn’并不意味着你可以做到。即使可以灌篮,也不要’t cut your own hair.

3.如何长寿 Hair For 男装

Growing hair out for 人 takes a little bit more than just time and patience. Some hair care and 的 right hair keeps you looking your best throughout 的 process.


15个月内长发,并通过理发 Andrew Does 头发


In addition to hair care, talk to your barber or stylist about growing hair out. They will give you a cut that grows out well to minimize any awkward phases. Whether you are starting with short or 中等长度的头发, 的se steps will keep you looking sharp.

4. How To Style 长 头发 For 男装

对于下巴的长度和更长的头发,将头发往下穿是一个很棒的外观,需要注意一下’最好。一些产品可以改善任何外观。这里’s how to style 人’s long hair.

With air-dried hair that is parted in 的 middle, take a leave-in conditioner or drop or two of a hair oil and scrunch it through 的 ends for some conditioning and frizz fighting.

长er hair weighs down 的 roots so you want to add some volume. Grab a dry shampoo or texturizing spray and blast 的 roots from about a foot away to create some lift.



Then put on a hair tie and leave a loop of hair to create a bun. This style looks good when tendrils of hair fall loose around 的 face and neck or you can use a pomade to create a smooth finish.

这里 are some more cool 人’s长发发型.

5. How To Style Curly 头发 For 男装

从讨人喜欢的发型开始时,卷发很容易造型。的 最好的人’s的卷发发型创建 讨人喜欢的形状并减轻重量以增强质感。

Curly hair tends to be dry because 的 oils from 的 scalp can’t travel down 的 hair shaft. 那 means skipping shampoo as much as possible and using a conditioner and possible even an oil after 的 shower.

要定型卷曲的头发,首先要使用类似乳霜的产品,该产品可以轻松地应用于发质的头发。 在潮湿的头发上使用产品,并在插入产品时用手指弯曲以使其卷曲。一旦产品看起来不错,只需让头发风干以保持卷曲即可。



6. How To Straighten 男装’s 头发

Sometimes guys with wavy or curly hair want to go straight. The easiest way to get 的 look is to use a strong hold pomade on damp hair and comb it into a pompadour or 侧面部分 hairstyle.

how to straighten hair 人杰克丹尼尔斯



Finish with a hair product to maintain 的 look all day.

7. How To Get Curly 头发 For Black 男装

这里’s how to transform kinky frizzy hair into defined curls. 有 a number of ways to get curly hair for black 人 but this is 的 fastest and easiest one that only uses one product.

开始之前的提示,请始终使用卷发专用产品(例如SheaMoisture)来调理头发。 Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner in 的 shower or Cantu 椰子Curling Cream as a leave-in conditioner. When you’重新淋浴后,用旧的T恤而不是毛巾擦干头发。紧密的编织可以使秀发更柔和,防止毛躁。那里’无需购买超细纤维毛巾。梳理头发,你’re ready to start.

然后抓住健康的 Eco Styler橄榄油定型凝胶或类似的不含酒精的产品,可改善毛躁。用手指以打圈的方式穿过头发 像这样. Once 的 gel is absorbed, grab some more and keep going. After a minute or two of this, curls will already start to be defined. Keep going until all hair is formed into similar curls. How long this takes will depend on your hair type and length.

How To Get Curly 头发 For Black 男装

如果需要,可以用类似 简·卡特(Jane Carter)解决方案骤冷定义了卷曲并锁住了水分,但是’s not required.

8. How To Get Thicker 头发 For 男装



头发 thickening shampoos, conditioners and sprays contain polymers that can make hair up to 20% thicker. Use one or all of 的se products every day because 的y wash out. 有 even more thickening products available for women so don’不要害怕越过商店的过道。


头发cuts and products that enhance texture create separation and definition to make hair look thicker than it is. The 纹理作物 目前,这是一个巨大的趋势,从短到中长的任何裁切都添加了纹理样式。


另一种增加头发质感的方法是喷盐。这是一个非常易于使用的产品。只需将其喷在潮湿的头发上,然后扭紧。然后,您可以风干或吹干,为头发增添自然的波浪感。你甚至可以改变 直发变成卷发 使用盐雾。这将最适合大约2的头发″ and longer.

Brian在Squire理发店 – 汤姆·查普曼 – 科里·鲍威尔

The number one way to make hair thicker is by adding volume. Some of 的 best products for fine and thin hair boost volume. These are mousses, styling powders and dry shampoos.


9. How To Style 中 Length 头发 for 男装

男装’s World 这里nkappers

更长的头发意味着更多的造型选择。用 中等长度的头发, you can style 的 same cut in a number of different ways. In order from above, 的re are messy bangs, a textured combover, a high volume 侧面部分 and messy textured spiky quiff.


10. How To Part Your 头发 For 男装

该部分是一个很小的细节,可以带来很大的不同。 发型中等偏长的男人看起来很棒,中间有一个 侧面部分 普遍受宠若惊。


硬磨 – Andrew Does 头发 – 艾伦·比克

Another way to find which direction to part your hair in is to look at 的 whorl of hair at 的 back of 的 head. If 的 spiral grows clockwise, comb to 的 left, if it grows to counterclockwise, comb to 的 right. If you have two whorls, it’s up to you.

However, after a lifetime of parting hair one way, hair gets used to sitting one direction. You can instantly boost volume by trying a 侧面部分 in 的 other direction.

Other ways to mix up 的 part are use fingers instead of a comb for a messier look, move 的 part to 的 middle, closer to 的 middle, or further to one side. Some guys get an extra defined look with a shaved hard part.

11. How Often Should 男装 Wash Their 头发?

并非每天’s for sure.

许多男人每天都要洗头,以消除油脂。洗发去除皮脂的头皮, the oil produced by 的 sebaceous glands to protect and waterproof hair and your skin. A dry scalp tells 的 sebaceous glands to produce more oil, creating a vicious cycle.

为了使头皮产生更少的油脂,请每隔一天洗发2-4周。然后每周洗发两次。可能会有调整期,但请继续进行。您仍然可以每天淋浴。用水冲洗头发,然后在类似的调理剂中按摩 加州百特强化护发素的百特可分解汗水和油脂。

Just like you probably shower more in 的 hot summer months, you may end up shampooing more in 的 summer and less in 的 winter. Conditioner should be used at every shower though.

为了让您每天都精力充沛’t have time to shower, between shampoos or after a lunchtime workout, try using a dry shampoo to absorb oil. Just spray 的 powder into hair at 的 roots and work it in. This awesome product also adds flattering volume.

A quick word on dandruff shampoos. While 的y do eliminate itchy scalp and flakes, be sure to use according to 的 instructions. Usually 的se products are very drying and should never be used every day.

12. How To Add 卷 To 男装’s 头发


有 a few products that lift hair at 的 roots and help create volume. These are dry shampoo, mousse and styling powder. Then hold that shape with a pomade.

Dang Cuts 头发


13. How To Style 短 Curly 头发 For 男装

如果您想增强卷发,请查看 如何造型卷发 above. 这里’s如何控制短发内的卷发。


现在涂上像 比利嫉妒头锁造型霜 使头发保持湿润并发卷。它’s as simple as that.

14. How To Comb Your 头发



15. How To Blow Dry 男装’s 头发

吹干头发不是强制性的,但有助于创造高卷,饱满和直发的发型。加热可将头发固定在适当的位置,以获得更大的发型,使发型更持久,只需要一点产品即可。现在你要吹干头发,在这里’s how to do it:


Spray hair with a heat protectant spray to prevent styling damage and frizz. Some of 的se products also add volume, help straighten hair or fight frizz but 的y all keep hair healthier. 最好 not to skip this step.

With a flat or round brush, shape hair into 的 desired hairstyle. To add volume to a pompadour that means up and back. To straight curl hair that means pulling hair out from 的 root with some tension.

how to blow dry hair 人


Follow 的 brush with 的 blow dryer. Use a low to medium heat setting and high air. Continue until hair is dry. This is important because hair that is left to air dry will do it’s own thing.

Finish of with a blast at 的 cold setting to set 的 look.

现在,您可以全天保持淡淡的美发产品。对于额外的人 浓密的头发 or trying to straighten curly hair, a pre-styling product like a mousse, serum or salt spray added after 的 protectant spray and before blow drying can help get 的 look you want.

Blow drying for 人 is really easy and effective way to up your hair game. Watch your barber or a couple of videos for 的 technique but it really takes a bit of practice. There’没办法出错。


16. How To Fade 男装’s 头发


17. How To Get Soft 头发 For 男装



Towel drying can hurt and break hair. 头发 is most fragile when it is wet. Rough drying with a rough towel can cause breakage. Instead, use an old t-shirt which has a tighter weave that break hair and be gentle while squeezing out excess moisture.


18. How To Dye 男装’s 头发

遵循这一技巧,轻松简单地对男人进行染色’s hair. 这里 it is –使用半永久性染料。这种染发剂会在4-8周内缓慢洗掉,具体取决于颜色和洗发的频率。这意味着永远不会有任何可见的根源向世界传达您染过头发的信号。

所有人’s hair dyes are semi-permanent. Just pick 的 one with 的 best color match and application method for you. For gray hair, 的re is an 涵盖部分但并非全部灰色的选项 谨慎地在盐中加入更多胡椒粉的方法。

如果你可以的话’t find a 人’s color that works for you, 的re are more options for women’s dyes and it is often cheaper per ounce. Just make sure to choose 的 semi-permanent formula.

19 How To Style Thin 头发 男装


每一个漂亮的发型都从一个漂亮的发型开始。的 薄发的最佳发型 往往有短边将头发集中在顶部。


Thin hair really benefits from some blow drying to add more volume. It only takes a minute or two. Always use a low or medium heat setting to protect hair from damage. Guide hair in 的 direction of your desired hairstyle with fingers, a brush or comb.


现在它’是时候购买某种产品了。始终使用磨砂产品,例如粘土或浆糊。一个不错的选择是Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade。在双手之间搓擦一角钱大小的产品以进行加热,并通过头发从根部到末端工作。用手指或梳子将头发推入到位,就可以了。

20. How To Twist Black 男装’s 头发

The easiest way to create twists for 人 is with a curl sponge. 有 a number of brands available. The size of 的 holes will determine 的 size of 的 twists so choose a smaller one for smaller, more dread-like twists or wider holes for larger twists.

首先使用护发素干燥头发。鬃毛‘n尾部护发素可用作冲洗剂或免洗护发素。将其擦拭并放置约一分钟。现在抓起卷曲的海绵,将其一部分涂抹在头部的侧面,然后开始打圈。唐’t change directions!


只是不断在头上打圈,直到形成扭曲。如果您想做恐怖的话,请继续。 f当你’完成后,您可以保留原样,也可以在像Murray这样的润发油中工作’s或Cantu Cream Pomade额外定型。这很容易使自然头发焕然一新。

21. How To Thin 男装’s 头发

Every time you ask how to cut hair at home, 的 answer will be to visit a barber or professional. No one is paying us to say that. This message come from experience. Bad experience. I had to get a buzz cut because I butchered my hair at home experience.

唐’不要通过在家里稀疏头发来伤害浓密的头发。尝试 one of 的se haircuts for 浓密的头发 代替。

22. How To Braid 头发 For 男装

Whether it is 的 growing popularity of longer hairstyles or natural black hair, braids are a hot look for 人.


how to braid hair for 人

淡入淡出的艺术 – 乔恩·罗萨里奥(Jon Rosario)阿克塞尔



23。 How To Bleach 男装’s 头发 At Home

是否想要看起来像 幸运蓝, 亚当·莱文 or any famous soccer player, 的 best way to bleach hair is at a salon. Bleach is very hard on hair, even when done by professionals. If you want to try it at home, here’s how to do it.

有关: Taper 头发cuts

When going blonde, 的 ideal color is 比你的头发浅两种阴影。当然,许多男人想要变金发或变白。在家中漂白的头发也可以成为金属银色头发或彩虹色头发的基础 merman hair.


像这样拿一个漂白剂包 L’OréalParisFériaExtra Bleach Blonde205。它将包含您需要的一切–漂白剂,显影剂,手套,帽子和刷子以及有色调理剂,以抵消黄铜色。根据指示混合。留多长时间取决于您的原始肤色和目标。只要不断检查它,直到达到所需的颜色。

Once 的 bleach is done, we recommend using a deep conditioner to help restore some moisture.

现在是最重要的步骤。使用专为金发设计的洗发水和护发素,例如Clairol Shimmer Lights。它们包含蓝色或紫色,可以抵消家庭漂白头发的黄色黄铜色。这对于铂金色调尤为重要,但它将有益于所有水平的漂白剂。

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